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“We are… the voice of peace"

Itay earliest recollection of the station was about seven years old when he remembers the famous phrase being said and starting the day off with the mythological station broadcasting "from somewhere in the Mediterranean" all around his home and his mother having to explain to him what it meant when waking up to the slogan one Saturday morning.

The music playing from the radio at his home in those days (in very high volume he states) was in fact the basis to everything he knows about music today.

He says, ‘Those were the good times! Joyful moments dedicated to the music that connected my mother and me. I cherish these memories and they reflect in everything I do as a musical creator and producer.’

In his show, "Caffeine", Itay takes you on a musical journey across places and times. From Indie rock, via French Chansons and all the way to updated Electronic music.

Itay goes on to say ‘If as a result of embarking on this journey with me I succeed in connecting people, as listening to the music with my mother did, then I consider it as a success.’

Birthday: January 19th.

Favourite Music: Whatever is good: From Serge Gainsbourg and Air, via Interpol, Oasis, Sonic Youth and various independent and Electronic music.

Favourite things: Coffee, Cigarettes and Football.

Dislikes: Most of the rest…

You can get in touch with Itay
through the listed ways here

Mail: itay@thevoiceofpeace.co.il
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Sundays 15:00
John Macdonald
Late night
every night at midnight 
love songs
Alan Roberts
all American music
Sunday evening 20:00

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