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Birthday: July 9th Favorite Music: Anything goes as long as it has a decent melody, but to a desert island I’d take my alternative music collection. Favorite things: Food. Movies. Technology. Sleeping. Dislikes: Rude and/or dishonest people. ‘Working as a software engineer for the money and doing radio for the soul’. Ofer became a radio addict after […]

Birthday: 3rd November Favorite Music: A lot of artists, most of them Rock, Pop & Indie style, but also a closet Abba & Zvika Pik fan Favorite things: My son’s smile, chocolate, music, funny words Dislikes: Liars, Murphy’s laws. Yaron spent his childhood in a kibbutz named “Kfar Ruppin”. He will never forget his great childhood, with the nature that […]

Birthday: Sept 1st (Virgo). Favorite Music: Dixieland, Electronic, Northern Soul, R&B, Yacht Rock and everything 1980’s. Favorite things: Family, working on the house and garden, eating al fresco, comedy, films, friends and coffee. Dislikes: High-top lorries. One has just ripped out my internet line! Pete was born in Hampshire and fell in love with radio at an […]

Born: October 30th, 1997 Occupation: Musician, Singer – Songwriter,Multi – Instrumentalist and Sound Technician. Favorite Music: Soul, Rock, Indie, Ambient, everything that opens the heart or really makes you shake your booty. Favorite Things: Family, Music, Cooking for someone else 🙂 , Arts and all its forms, Morning coffee,Yoga  and Gardening. Dislike: Being Late, getting yelled […]

Birthday: Born 1959, passed away 2018 Favorite Music: Generally anything depending on my mood. Favorite things: Certainty and occasional excitement and the color purple. Dislikes: Hassle of all kinds. Guy Starkey first stepped on board the m.v. Peace when he was just 18 years old. He’d done a lot of voluntary radio work in a hospital […]

Likes: Radio (of course), strawberries, travel, and studying (what some might call ‘conspiracy theories’). Dislikes: Rude people, celery, cold, wet weather, and the soulless radio of today! Then… After school, would eat his evening meal, finish his homework, and then hurry to bed to secretly listen to the stars of the ‘Hollywood of radio’, the […]

Alan Rowett is one of the UK’s leading producers and presenters with encyclopedic musical knowledge. Starting with 10 years in ILR, he spent 15 years at the BBC working at Radio 4, BBC World Service Music Unit and producing revealing documentaries and programmes for BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2. In 2006 he formed his […]

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