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Bob has been in broadcasting virtually his whole working life, starting on the Offshore Forts off the coast on his native Whitstable on Radio City. When the Pirates closed he worked at SERED an electronics and recording company owned by his father-in-law whilst picking up cover shows at BBC Radio Medway A bit late in […]

Birthday: 8 September Favorite Music: Classic Rock, Old School R&B, Disco, Modern Country and Pop Favorite things: My children. Walking on the beach at night, indulging in a massage, scotch (the drink), or a perfectly cooked steak Dislikes: Sadness, people not getting on in the live they have been given . Linda was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA […]

Birthday: Sept 17th. (Virgo) Favorite Music: Soul music, Luther Vandross. American A&R. 1980’s. Favorite things: Family, Eating out & going on Hot holidays. America. Money. Having a good laugh. Dislikes: Daytime TV and the British weather. Rob was born in Nottingham to parents who were both bakers. At an early age Rob wanted to join the Navy […]

Birthday: July Favorite Music: House Music, But generally anything electronic with a beat! Favorite things: A cliche as it might be, mixing records is one of my favorite things. That and traveling, and eating! Dislikes: Mushrooms Host and creator of House Central, Jay Forster has been rooted in the UK Dance Music scene for over half a […]

Birthday: 19th April   Favorite Music: I like a cross section of music depending on my mood, but mainly… Alternative and Rock. Favorite things: Music, music and more music!! Also… vacations, beer, parties… generally a good entertaining busy life. Dislikes: Dishonesty, trouble makers, Rap music and mushy peas. Mark Hanna arrived on the Peace Ship in May 1992. […]

Birthday: November 7 Favorite Music: Soul, Disco, 70’s & 80’s. Classical, Cheesy pop, Current top 40 Favorite things: My family, peace and quiet, The seaside, Sunrises! Dislikes: People who expect everything but are not willing to do anything for it! Sprouts Andy spent his early life living next to the sea on the Kent, U.K. coast where he enjoyed school summer […]

Birthday: October 5th   Favorite Music:  Progressive, Classic and Modern Rock, Jazz and Folk Music Favorite things: Peace, Love and Good Music. Dislikes: Self-motivated politicians and warmongers. Richard grew up in a town called Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey located in the Northeast of the United States of America. Richard started his life in the entertainment business, working behind […]

Birthday: July 19th Favourite Music: Country Rock, Blues, Old Soul and a Bit of Rock. Old school like The Beatles & The Stones. Favourite things: Art, Sci-fi, Costume Drama’s. Metal Detecting and History. Dislikes: War, Capitalism gone berserk, Bankers, Celebrity Culture, Reality TV. Believe it or not Alan started out life wanting to be a […]

Birthday: 27th July Favorite Music: All things Alternate! A 80’s U2, The Smiths, The Cure, R.E.M. die hard fan…. to today A Killers fanatic Favorite things: BMX Bikes, Walking my 4 Dogs, & of course everything Radio Dislikes: Early Starts, Quiche & Bullies Our heavenly anchor, or so he thinks! Chris Williams was Breast fed at the […]

Doug’s interest in radio started when he heard Radio Caroline from the North Sea in March 1964 just a couple days after the station started. After doing many normal jobs like TV & Radio engineer, Electricians mate, electrical goods salesman, Club DJ, Public house manager, tobacco and confectionary sales rep. In October 1981 Doug was […]

Born on April 17th and therefore an Aries, in England’s ‘Garden of England,’ Kent. Mark’s singular claim to fame is that, whilst working in Aberdeen in 1990, he bought Karaoke to Scotland! He is now banned for life from the town… Favourite things that he loves to enjoy are spending time with his family and […]

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